WOK FOR 1000, Tuesday 30thOctober @ Borough Market with Jeremy Pang

On Tuesday 30thOctober, The Food Sauce team took part in Wok for 1000 hosted by celebrity chef Jeremy Pang at Borough Market, London.

Along with a team of helpers this was not any ordinary ‘cook up’ in 4 hours we had the task of making 4,000 dumplings, 700 Hong Kong Noodle Stir Fries and 700 litres of Massaman Curry.

We took part in the same event last year and we completely enjoyed the whole occasion. The aim of Wok for 1000 has a very powerful message behind it as it is in aid of charity Planzheroes who support London’s homeless community as well as anyone facing food poverty.

They gather huge quantities of surplus food.

Jeremy Pang and his team making sure that the event is run smoothly whilst at the same time making sure that the attendees are entertained as well engaged with the activities throughout the day put this event whole event together.

Shocked into taking action after discovering the devastating amount of consumable food that is thrown away daily across the UK, Jeremy is now a passionate campaigner in highlighting the struggles of poverty. Hence the creation of Wok for 1000.

Role on 2019 I am sure we will be on hand to roll up our sleeves with the making of the 200+ Crispy Wontons delicious.

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