There’s a lot of gloom out there regarding the demise of breakfast, be that porridge, juice or slice of toast which are increasingly being overlooked in favour of a quick, on-the-hoof bite.  Now of course boerewors are not the answer to your everyday morning bite and yet they have a key role to play in the weekend ‘take time out and treat yourself’ cooked breakfast treat.  The English Cooked Breakfast is a bastion of Britishness, an occasional ‘treat yourself’ moment in a largely frenetic life.

We believe if you’re an ahead of the game café, hotel or simply a food-loving adult that the meaty boerewors might be the perfect ticket to reinvigorate a too often taken-for-granted morning feast, because what diligently cooked British fry-up wouldn’t benefit from a dash of ‘world cuisine’ wisdom?

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