If you believe in your brand, (which lets’ face it, is somewhat essential)it’s important that you get a good sense early on as to how you stack up versus your peers, which is why we’re big believers in food awards.   In our particular instance, we actually won 3 great taste awards before we’d even launched nationally, which certainly isn’t the norm.  Thumbs up from proven foodie aficionados gave us a fantastic psychological boost and a helpful foot in the door as we introduced ourselves to our first tranche of inquisitive retailers.  Awards aren’t simply a nice piece of bling/approval for a founder, they’re a big green tick for all your partners, from pack designers and nutritionists to our friendly family manufacturer.  Awards bind a team together at a time when the world seems against you, a real psychological boost that you’re on the right path.

Not content with entering the UK’s pre-eminent artisan awards (Great Taste) we’ve also entered this year’s UK Sausage awards – so taking the goliaths of our sector on in their own back yard – wish us luck!

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