What Was The Inspiration Behind Starting Prime Bar?

Luke & I (best mates from uni) are slightly obsessive outdoorsy/endurance sports types.  We compete in races the world over and realised as we got older that we needed to eat the right foods to maintain our performance levels.

The problem is that so many supposedly ‘health conscious’ protein bars are not only infuriatingly sickly but in many cases riddled with synthetic extras, cheap filler oats and excessive amounts of sugar (be that refined or via sugary fruit like dates).

Indeed latest research shows that ‘so called’ healthy bars often contain in excess of 15-20g of sugar  

It was during one particularly arduous ‘ultra’ marathon that we peered inside our rucksacks desperate for some appetizing only to greeted by the usual array of vibrant-coloured energy gels and sugar saturated bars that made our collective hearts sink – we vowed there and then to bring something savoury & appetizing to the party – something jam-packed with real/all-natural protein.

Where Do You Envisage Prime Bar Being In 5 Years’ Time?

The short answer is anywhere where health-conscious sporty types might shop.  We started out in the sports specialist & healthy living independent wholesaler arenas but our rapidly evolving distribution footprint has quickly expanded to include mainstream online (Ocado) high street giants (Marks & Spencer) and opinion forming food halls (Selfridges) that all go live from December 1st.

Garage forecourts and healthy vending seem obvious wins in the very near future as these are popular pit stops for out & about fitness enthusiasts as are gyms where mid-week fitness regimes are maintained.

Farm shops and delis also make sense as we are vocal advocates for best-in-class grass-fed British beef as does healthy orientated subscription boxes.  Then there’s the frontline kiosks of anywhere with a sporty leaning and let’s not forget shopping emporiums like Boots, Holland & Barrett and WH Smith.

And of course there are opportunities beyond our shores because understandably British beef is admired the world over!

In summary we have plenty to shoot for!




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