Typical Day 

At Prime we usually find our day split between work producing the bars and work on new sales channels. Often we find ourselves up early to drive to one of our farms – provenance is extremely important to us so we have spent a lot of time working with farmers and visiting them on site across the country to establish really strong relationships and ensure they share our high standards. This isn’t something other meat snacks do but we knew from the start that we wanted to be different and give our customers meat that they could 100% trust and that meant being fully integrated with our farmers.

The rest of our time is on getting the bars out there to the right customers! Prime bars are a unique concept in the UK – which is a challenge because you need to educate everyone on when and why to eat but is also a massive opportunity as we have no competition so we can be the leader of the category. This means we have to spend a lot of time working with the retailers to help them see where it should sit in store; why it is better than the existing offering they stock and which customer demographics would be most inclined to buy our bars.

We also spend a lot of time at consumer events (mainly bike and running races) explaining to this audience why we’re superior to the current products they use. Thankfully, once we have given someone one of our bars and they see how clean the ingredient deck is, they always understand why it’s better than the usual suspect alternatives!

What Do You Believe Will Be the Biggest 4 Food Trends In 2020?

– Buying British: might not sound that original, however I believe the uncertainty of Brexit coupled with the ‘ongoing’ quality reputation that British farming (ingredient integrity/strict legislation) continues to enjoy, means that our nation’s growing throng of specialist/artisanal businesses will continue to win a vocal loyalist following both at home and abroad. 

  • Savoury: With sugar firmly entrenched as public enemy #1, it’s inevitable that our collective palates will continue to readjust to a world where things are less sweet. Sweetness cravings are what essentially fuels sugar consumption, however as the trend for sugar avoidance gathers momentum (better appreciation of personal health, nutritional decks on labels…..) this sweet dependence will surely retreat.  Also we live in an age where a growing older demographic will further also fuel the renaissance for products of a savoury persuasion.
  • Meat-themed Snacks: When you consider that 3 of the hottest food trends at the moment are: low sugar, high protein and natural ingredients, it seems inevitable that meat-based products will be called upon, sooner rather than later to bring some ‘real’ protein gravitas to proceedings.

In North America, (so often the launch pad for future European food trends) meat-themed  snacks are very big news indeed with a plethora of ‘meaty’ acquisitions meaning that a future import invasion by the likes of General Mills (Epic) and Krave (Hershey) is inevitable.

Fortunately Britain’s unrivalled pedigree in ‘thoughtful farming’ and ‘best-in-class beef means we’ll always have the capacity to stand our ground if backed by progressive UK retailer

Favourite Meal

Our favourite meals are always those enjoyed after a long day outside when you’ve had the fresh air in your lungs and you really feel like you have earned it. A big hearty beef stew made with some good quality grass-fed British Beef from your local butcher is always a favourite during the Winter months.

Marry that with some roasted winter vegetables and a big dollop of creamy mash. Nothing beats it!




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