Foodies Festival at Syon Park 28th-30th May Review- written by Colin Mordi, founder of The Food Sauce

YES it was that time again where foodies especially us engage in food heaven this time it took place at Syon Park over a period of three-days part of the bank holiday weekend.

London food lovers had the opportunity to escape the city and spend a taste-bud tickling day in the capitals countryside.

It was set within the stunning 200-acre grounds of Syon Park Estate; visitors were experiencing the enjoyment and feeling of being deep in the countryside.

There was everything here for many palates ranging from expert mixologists and sommeliers, Street Food avenue which involved flavors from all corners of the world available hunger was kept at bay and taste buds alive and fully kicking with the huge army of foodie choices on offer. Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Argentinian and African.

It was also a great opportunity to discover as well as sample products from Artisan producers from Artisan producers market.

This was a glittering array of Great Taste Award winners who were hailed as producers of ‘Exquisite, Outstanding and simply delicious food and drink with over 120 stalls to see at each festival selling everything from Seaweed Seasoning to Champagne infused fudge.’

Visitors were indeed spoilt for choice as to what to eat at Foodies Festival and take home and enjoy.

I also got the opportunity to indulge in some sampling of my own upon the Appleton Estate Rum Bus for authentic taste of Jamaican rum.

The Appleton Estate Rum Bus serves the very best in Jamaican cocktails made with Appleton Estate signature reserved blends such as rare 12 year old and Appleton Estate 21 year old rum.

These full bodied 100% Jamaican aged rums that had been distilled on the Appleton Estate in the heart of Jamaica since 1949.

“Whether you are a rum novice or a cocktail connoisseur, come and visit the Appleton Rum Bus to experience an authentic taste of Jamaica,” said Nick Williamson, Marketing Director of Campari UK,

Foodies Festival was also a chance to catch up with friends such as That hungry chef, Harry Bromptons and Tea people.

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