A Pizza the action @ Zia Lucia’s press launch event 23.6.16 written by Colin Mordi, founder of The Food Sauce

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza has been the talk within Sauce HQ this past week looking forward to launch of Zia Lucia the new pizza restaurant located in Islington.

Zia Lucia brings Londoners a new way of enjoying pizza. By combining a special selection of unique dough, which is rare in the London Pizza scene.

This very different set-up to their counterparts which are very commercial and lack quality these guys really do know what they are doing which is shown throughout from the overall décor right through to the quality of their service and pizza’s.

Zia Lucia unique variety of Italian 48-hour slow fermented dough’s are inspired by ancient traditions brought from across Italy to London.

Pizza’s cooked on a Stone baked oven giving you that authenticity throughout.

Founded by friends and Holloway residents, Claudio Vescovo & Gianluca D’ Angelo created Zia Lucia with the help of family, friends and local figures.

Inspired and named after Gianluca’s Auntie Lucia; a warm, generous figure in her family community in Rome.

The menu offers a wide range of mouth watering pizza’s- for starters was a variety Roasted aubergines, courgettes and peppers. Also Brushetta with chopped tomato and fresh basil.

For the main course I had the La Vegana a pizza with a topping of Butternut Squash cream, fresh tomatoes da campo, asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes on a Charcoal base.

All washed down with Proseco and Negroni cocktail- refreshing.

For dessert it was a pizza theme- pizza dessert Nutella, custard topped with fresh fruit.

Customers at Zia Lucia can book overlooking seats and watch the spectacle unfold as they prepare your food.

From £7-11, these stone-baked pizza’s are both tasty and affordable giving diners a pleasant experience with delicious food.

For this reason I highly recommend dining at Zia Lucia

All the products were fresh with warmth of homemade food. The chefs who are award-winning pizzaiolo, assisted by a young pizza virtuoso are passionate about the art of pizza and champions of acrobatic pizza.


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