Working With Kenyan Farming Collectives

There’s also a strong strand of social responsibility within the Hunter & Gather business model.  From the start Hunter & Gather were determined to work alongside ‘underdog’ farmer’s co-operatives as opposed to the sprawling industrial farms that dominate so much of the continent’s expanding farming landscape; farms that wastefully consign any imperfect fruit (discoloured,mis-shapen, irregular-sized) to the compost heap because it falls short of draconian supermarket fruit & veg  benchmarks.

Hunter & Gather, like the farmer’s co-operative they back, understand only too well that the fruit’s aesthetic shortcomings has no impact whatsoever on the underlying quality of fruit oil.  By working with a small, thoughtful fruit provider, Hunter & Gather is able to indirectly game changing worker initiatives such as a programme to improve local community husbandry skills.

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