Time To Reassess Mayonnaise

There was a time when it was acceptable for upstanding mass-market mayo to sit in the shadows as an unassuming, go-to condiment for those of us not seduced by the world’s best known, look-at-me-ketchup.

However, thanks to greater travel, a rising interest in what we do/don’t put in our body and the drip drip of social media, global food trends…. we Brits are now looking at mayonnaise through fresh, inquisitive eyes.

Hunter & Gather champion mayos of an altogether more heroic/gastronomic nature; mayos that taste truly inspiring and that come in a multitude of flavours from smooth and lingering (Hunter & Gather’s Garlic & Black Pepper) to full-bodied and feisty (Hunter & Gather’s Chilli & Lime) to make any meal a little more magical!

Better than that, these are mayos that take pride in their composition, which is why they’re nutrient-dense, health conscious and free-from unsavoury sugars, grains and inflammatory fats.

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