A Vocal Cheerleader For The Shy, Retiring Avocado

The nutritionally rampant avocado has worked tirelessly to bed down its reputation as an aspirational extra that makes any salad, snack, dip or smoothie…. a little extra special.

Already celebrated as America’s favourite fruit, it’s important that avocados establish themselves in the UK, by slipping their overly simplistic ‘occasional luxury’ tag to become increasingly identified as an accessible,‘everyday must!’  Here’s a fleshy fruit that screams ‘healthy living’ whilst bristling with beneficial oleic oil, folates, vitamins C,E,K & B6 and ‘better-for-you’ mono-saturated fats.

Let’s not forget that this is a fruit that continues to top any ‘clean 15 list, with less than 1% of world-wide crops being tested positive for pesticides.  It’s also worth remembering that avocados have been proven to reduce unwelcome cholesterol whilst providing a bigger dose of potassium than even the universally adored banana.

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